“Commercial Foreclosure”, (def.) “the enforcement of a lien…….mortgage . It is a legal process by which real or personal property subject to a lien is sold in the satisfaction of a debt.

“Cancellation of Debt”…….Recapture of Depreciation….A taxable event.

This is not a “business as usual environment”. Such difficult circumstances require constructive solutions. The looming prospect of Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures on the horizon should be a source of concern for all parties. This is true for Lenders; Borrowers; Taxpayers, alike.

ForecloseWithEase.com has consulted with recognized Accountants, Attorneys, Qualified Intermediaries and Lenders to explore solutions that may mitigate a portion of the pain. We provide a streamlined process that benefits all parties in the anticipated new wave of commercial foreclosures over the next few years.

ForecloseWithEase.com is a solution to deferring the significant tax burden that investor/owners will be compelled to address moving forward in a foreclosure process.

The key is what actions we undertake in the Pre-Foreclosure Phase that ensure a successful result in a difficult situation.

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